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Since childhood, we have always been treated as responsible or blamed people. We have been beaten for our carelessness, misbehavior, wrongful acts, and many other things. The praise we got as responsible and dutiful people was always highlighted in our memories. I can imagine the incidents where I was rewarded for my goodwill about 10 years ago. Those things were the responsibilities that were given to me, and I completed them on time and the memories went on.

We work in every phase of our lives, talking about myself, this is my adult age and working under someone employed as a job. Work has changed since childhood, so does the responsibilities. Earlier it was the life where the work was important not the deadline. The time has changed and the work is no more as those days. As an employee, people expect your work as a task that should be completed within time. This is the responsibility of every worker, employee, adult, daily wage earner, etc.


A job is a responsibility. Both for the self and as well as the organization. It is a duty to meet the end task or complete the work within time. But, to obey the rules & regulations of the organization are the virtues of a dedicated and focused employee. Those employees who are focused on their work-life and do more work than their requirement tend to praise in the community and raise in the promotion. Such people can reach any limit to impress their bosses. This does not mean, that they kick off their responsibility and rely on impressing their senior colleagues. Most of the people finish their targeted task before time and spend rest of their time working which have no value to their personal and professional life.

While working for free, you are learning something valuable.


There are 2 types of responsibilities in our lives.

  1. Responsibilities with a deadline. (Professional)
  2. Responsibilities with flexibility. (Personal)

In professional life, we always work under responsibilities with a deadline. In the end, it is our responsibility to meet the end task. It is not that easy to move aside our responsibility in professional life because there is always someone above us to govern and control us. We are enclosed in a circle where we can only obey them and work under them.

Personal life is far opposite to professional life. Generally, in personal life, there are negligible deadlines in responsibilities that are flexible in nature and easy to complete. I am not against being responsible. It is good, I mean great to be a responsible person in and out. Discipline and responsibilities define a person who he/she really is. Personal life does not demand any deadlines, we do work as per our flexibilities. The work like household chores, shopping, entertainment, party, picnic, etc. Apart from them, there are works which we do on time are treatment, regular checkup, bills & fees payment, taxes, etc.

Professional life needs discipline. You cannot ignore your duties. The works included are managing finances, salary, investments, daily tasks, or projects being ordered by the seniors. Both lives are good to their extent. The problem arises when our work is not praised to the mark and we are treated as slaves. Workload and responsibilities increase in a proportional manner.

Q. What do employees want ?

First thing, no one wants to work in this life. Everyone has an opinion about life is to chill, relax, enjoy, and fuck each and everything they want in their life. But, that’s not so true. To live that life, people need to work. Work now to enjoy later. The first and foremost priority for every Human Being in his/her life is to be treated as a respectful person. People do work to be respected. Money is secondary. People always considered their self-esteem as a top priority over anything else. When such people move into the labor workforce, they do not only sell their skills, knowledge, or ideas; but their respect and appreciation for work are not valued as much as they should be. Employees should be respected and their work should be valued and appreciated.

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