Happy Birthday Vaishnavi ♥️

A very Happy Birthday Mere Bhai… ♥ Enjoy your day! This is the first time I’m wishing you on your birthday in these…..years. Sorry, can’t mention your age 😂. Always shine like you did till now. God bless you till your last breath. Have a blast on your career and become a super independent girl. Live life insanely happy. Fuck to this world, and even that shit! 😅 

The person who came into my life as a normal girl, but with the span of 3 years, you became my Friend, Best friend, BFF, Bhai, Behan, Dost, Yaar etc. etc… The list is endless. You are everything to me except my mom and dad. 😁
If I remember, this all started in 2007 when you were in your class 1st and I was a standard ahead. Since then, I only knew that there exists a girl named ‘VAISHNAVI’. Not more than this. Years passed…. Somewhere I reached class 8th when I have heard something about you. This time I got to know your name with face identity which I can recall at present.  

When I say, I won’t tell anyone. You are the exception.


In the year 2016, we had a Facebook contact with a couple of Hi – Hellos.. not more than this. The very next year in 2017, there comes a Wastie (Bestie) in my life… Yeah, it was you. The girl who made me feel happy and sometimes crazy. Always entertained me with her jokes and memes. 

While chatting with you, there is no need to scroll Facebook or insta feeds because your first 5-10 messages are trending memes 😂. The only person who talked to me openly with all her heart ♥ and made me feel special. ☺ Whenever the word #friendship arises, your name comes at the top of everything! I used to share every single thing with you. Whether it was about my life, goals, career, personal & professional life. Even the worst crisis of my life i.e. SIMRAN 😂. You were always there at every stage to help me out. Thanks!

Being with you are the happiest moments of my life.

Incidents which remind me that you are a very special person in my life.

  1. Whenever I feel depressed about my full time (u can call her over time 😂) crush, you were always there for supporting me and motivating me to come out of that shit. The best part is when you explained this to me, I always treated you like my Bro or Bhai. ☺
  2. Do you remember that incident when you talked to that girl? It was like this, she was out of my reach and we (me & her) had a little fight on a meaningless topic, I don’t remember. You sorted out all that. You called up her and had a chat with her. Here, the best part is she thought.. I won’t be reading all her messages. Thanks, for having a password sharing friendship!! 😅 
  3. On 2nd Jan 2020, you asked me to have a blog website. I obeyed your decision and created it with my name to check it out. But what to write is still a task of dare? 😂 Hope, it would get correct and I’ll get some ideas to move ahead. Luckily, your birthday wish is my first blog!! 😘 

This is the first time I’m praising you. Don’t get over-excited. Wait a min, I have written this full article without using a single bhencho. 😂
Here, once again Happy Birthday Bhencho! ♥
So much love & hugs!! 🤗

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