Hello everyone! 
This is me, Deependra Singh. A 20-year-old guy who started blogging recently. The blogs would be about ideas, views, quotes, events, etc. The name and website’s domain both are in my name. So, the content would be personal and not much professional.

Idea of blogging and career:
The idea of blogging came from the suggestions made by my very close friend. She just suggested me to have a blog website. But what to write is still a question!😂 At present, I am a graduating student in B.A.The next move is to first gain knowledge about India, to understand its administrative and judicial system, and then provide social service to people and society. 

In my teen life:
Since my childhood, I was quite a studious student and a little intelligent though. I am not bragging myself, I really had keen interests in Maths and English. But, with the passage of time, the interests lost away. Today, I am a devote social media user.

In my 20s….
I have just stepped into my 20s with super excited because I am an adult now. I can have my opinions & views for me and family as well. In 20s everyone believes he/she is independent for life and career too. So does me, I have come to this phase, and decisions are my own. Let’s see what changes this brings to my life! I will try to inform you about everything that a new adult suffers in life.

Thank you!

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